Monday, November 26, 2007

heavenly father.

[this was taken in mexico on a mission trip in june]

there is something very special about this picture that i took. as you can tell theres a dad and his daughter standing together.

it seems like a normal picture right?


this little girl is mentally challenged and does not have that much longer to live.

as i looked up and towards the father when taking the pic he had so much pride and joy in his eyes that it just broke my heart. even though his daughter is special needs, he doesnt have any money to help her, and they live in poverty that still doesnt stop his love for his daughter.

God is like that.

God doesnt care if you are special needs, black, white, red, brown, yellow, fat, skinny, tall, short, smart, stupid, ugly, even beautiful. God has so much joy for you as His child.

just like that father has that pride and joy with his daughter, God is so proud of you that He only made one of you that is unique and beautiful.

God is like a father who just saw his son or daughter for the first time and is too happy for words.

God loves you and wants to be close to you and be your father.

will you let Him be your heavenly father?

God is waiting for you, his child, to come running back into His loving and caring arms.

Monday, November 5, 2007


[this was taken 10-23-07 for the national pro-life silence day]

pro-life silence day is a day where people choose to give up their voices for all of the 4,000 babies that die each day from abortion.

i chose to be silent because i believe that abortion is murder.

for 24 hours my mouth was duct taped shut and my heart and mind were open to listen to what God was telling me. during the 24 hours there were emotions that i have not felt in a very long time. at first i felt persecuted and mocked by the strangers who did not know what was going on. i began having doubts about this whole thing and wondered if it was the right thing to do. i prayed and meditated on Gods word to regain affirmation that this was Gods will and not mine.

that was only the morning.

as the morning turned into afternoon, God began revealing His plan to me little by little. people came up to me and encouraged me by telling me that they support the cause. i felt in touch with God then satan came and started bringing me down again. there was so much frustration in me that i just wanted to yell and just talk. for a split moment i almost gave up. then i remembered that God is on my side and so are the people that i love. i kept praying and meditating.

that was only the afternoon.

as the sun started going down my heart and mind started relaxing. because i knew that there were only a few more hours left until the day was done. i went to go worship with a group of people and i knew it was alright for me to sing praises to the one who had created me. when i started singing my heart filled with joy and peace allowing me to fully worship God thanking Him for laying on my heart this issue. people knew that i was passionate about life and they began saying to others how i spoke to them by being silent. i felt satisfied that i fulfilled Gods plan for me that day. right as midnight hit the first thing i said was "that was intense". because i wrestled all day long with my emotions and physical wants and desires but God in the end won.

that was the end of the day.

God gives hope, courage, healing, peace, forgiveness, and life to those who seek Him and want a change.

babies are a gift from God.

abortion is murder and murder is a sin and against the law.

do you agree or not?