Saturday, July 28, 2007


[this was taken on the way back from new york when i went in may/june]

can you even imagine how heaven is going to look like when the clouds look so beautiful?

it is hard to think that God made us more beautiful than these clouds. i mean come on, how many of us, meaning girls, think that we could be more beautiful than the clouds better yet even slightly beautiful.

this is a reminder of how beautiful Gods creation is, including us.

never forget that we are beautiful because God made us in His liking and in His image.

something to ponder on:

do you know that you are beautiful?

Friday, July 27, 2007

life in death.

[i took this picture in new york when i was there in may/june]

this may seem like an ordinary picture of a grave yard. but there is something more that is deeper than anyone could see.

when you look at a tree you dont think its dead you know it is alive and growing. but when you look at a tombstone you dont think it is alive or growing, its dead, and sort of creepy.

the tree in the picture reminds me that since i am not enslaved to sin any more that means when i die on earth that is not the end of my life. its just the beginning. the tree is blocking the tombstone, meaning i can not die to this earth because Jesus has paved the way to have everlasting life. i know that i will not die and stay dead, instead i will die to stay alive.

would you rather die and stay dead, or would you rather die to live.

your choice.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


[taken in tennessee last week]

how many times in your life have you ever seen such an amazing example of how we as "children" are dependent on our parents.

as a child you would depend on adult to take care of you because you cant do it on your own. then you get older and there is no one that can take care of you anymore. you take care of others.

but as "children" of God we can always depend on Him taking care of us. we dont need to go looking for that someone to take care of us and nurture us. because God is there to take care of us. He is our father, meaning He will not let anything harm us.

would you rather be the person who always takes care of people and has no one to take care of you, or would you want to be the person that God is watching over and is taking care of you while giving you strenghth to take care of others?

Monday, July 23, 2007


[this was taken on the mission trip i went on a month ago.]

this simple, ordinary little girl has something deep inside of her that enables her to be so content with her life and the poverty she lives with every single day.

she is an inspiration to me. she has that one thing in life that so many of us long to have.

she has joy.

many of us do not know the difference between joyfulness and happiness.

she does.


[this was taken on the mission trip i went on a month ago.]

this beautiful baby boy is the prime example of the innocence that we long to gain back.

this picture totally breaks my heart because i know that all of his innocence he has now will soon be gone because this world is so unforgiving.

someone needs to tell him theres a better way.